Oil Level Gauge Sub-Assembly

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As an integral part of the Cylinder Block system in the Engine-Fuel category, the Toyota Oil Level Gauge Sub-Assembly (#15301-WB001) plays a crucial role. This component is responsible for monitoring the oil level in your vehicle's engine, allowing it to operate smoothly and efficiently. The gauge works by being immersed in the oil pan, then it displays the oil level when it's removed, ensuring your engine has the right amount of oil. Over time, the Oil Level Gauge Sub-Assembly (#15301-WB001) can become old or clogged, potentially causing incorrect readings. In turn, this could lead to insufficient lubrication, leading to increased engine wear or even severe engine damage. It's crucial to replace this part periodically with a genuine Toyota part, which is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty and assures vehicle compatibility. Ultimately, the Oil Level Gauge Sub-Assembly (#15301-WB001) contributes to the overall performance and durability of your vehicle by helping to maintain optimal engine oil levels.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 15301-WB001

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